There are some things in this world that are just not up for debate:

White chocolate is not real chocolate;

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are annoying AF;

“Seinfeld” is and will always be better than “Friends”;

And then perhaps the most important fact of them all:

Evidently Ken White, aka Popehat, aka the TDS-stricken lawyer guy formerly known as a sane person, missed class the day that last fact was taught, because he picked a fight with Charles C.W. Cooke. And it went just about as well for him as you’d expect.

It all started with Cooke and his short piece about Spotify struggling to reconcile their tolerance of Joe Rogan with their commitment to not offending some of their staff and listeners.

Cooke’s piece is perfectly logical and well argued.

So, naturally, it offended Popehat, who decided to fire a shot at Cooke. Unfortunately for him, all he had to work with was blanks:

What … what is that … is that a thing? Seriously, what is that?

Is Ken not able to find anything concrete?

Well, Popehat used to be in his right mind. Now he lives strictly in his Left one.

Total clown.

There was a time when Popehat knew better than to pull something like this.

To be fair, we’ll also consider the possibility that Ken doesn’t know what he’s doing, either.

Maybe Popehat should go to the hospital. Maybe there are people there who can help him.

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