You wanna see some world-class journalism? Then please direct your attention to the Daily Beast’s Pilar Melendez, who’s got what you’re looking for:


In a photo obtained by The Daily Beast, Township of Hamilton Police Chief Gregory Ciambrone is seen in a sweater bearing the right-wing catchphrase and adorned with an illustration of former President Donald Trump (who is sporting a Santa Hat and smirking).

The photo, taken at what appears to have been a small holiday gathering described on Facebook as an “ugly sweater party,” was uploaded on Dec. 5 by another police department employee. In the photo, Ciambrone is seen posing with five other men sporting sweaters, some with far more innocuous references, such as to the movie The Big Lebowski.

The idea that a law enforcement official might wear clothing showcasing political affiliations is not exactly unprecedented. But in a country still facing a national reckoning over police brutality and grappling with a sustained lack of public trust in law enforcement, a police chief embracing a right-wing catchphrase jokingly or otherwise struck a nerve.

Pretty big deal for the Daily Beast, getting an exclusive like this!

How does one ever really recover from trauma like this?

No such thing as too many sweater experts. This is is serious business.

Sorry, Michael … are you suggesting that this isn’t a major story of utmost national importance?

Good. Because you’re right.

This story is genuinely pointless and stupid.

Experts and residents should feel free to take Pilar Melendez with them.

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