Neil Young is stunning and brave. That’s why he threatened to pull his catalog from Spotify over Joe Rogan and wound up having to make good on that threat. Neil Young fights the power.

Or does he?

Saagar Enjeti can’t help but be struck by Young’s trajectory since leaving Spotify. See if you can figure out what Enjeti finds so striking:

Keep on rockin’ in the free* world!

*Free for four months

Enjeti’s just trying to make sense of this, Neil. He’s not necessarily saying what it is, but what it looks like.

Neil Young limiting replies to his Amazon (and Apple) tweets doesn’t exactly do him any favors, if we’re being honest:

Hey, man. We’re not going to get mad at you if you’re getting cozy with Corporate America. You want to make money, Amazon wants to make money … go for it.

But please understand if some skeptics out there don’t think your intentions are as pure as you say.



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