Big Michael Avenatti news today, folks, and naturally, CNN is on it:

We can certainly understand why CNN would find this story newsworthy. Michael Avenatti was treated like a rockstar and possible presidential contender back before he got busted for doing illegal stuff. Aven-HOTTI was going to take down Donald Trump and look good doing it.

In fact, CNN arguably did the most to make Michael Avenatti a household name. Given their infatuation with him, of course they’d be all over news about his trial.

And given their infatuation with him, of course they’d completely gloss over their infatuation with him in their reporting. Here’s the closest they come to taking responsibility for promoting an egomaniacal fraud:

“Avenatti became a cable television fixture.” That’s it, CNN? That’s the best you can do? Don’t sell yourselves short! He was basically a CNN anchor for a while there.

It’s true:

Brian Stelter couldn’t stop squeeing:

To be fair, though, CNN did share him with others on occasion:

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CNN relentlessly promoted Donald Trump during the 2016 primaries and presidential election season and then tried to distance themselves from him when he won. Michael Avenatti is definitely not the first horse they’ve come to regret backing.

But, just as they did with Donald Trump, they’ll go out of their way to take zero accountability for throwing their lot in with Avenatti.

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