NARAL got started as an organization to fight for abortion rights. That’s kinda their thing.

But it seems that in recent years, they’ve gotten bored with being pigeonholed as a strictly pro-abortion outfit. They have thoughts on other issues, too!

And so, to that end, they’ve decided to tweak their endorsement criteria. From now on, before they throw their support behind a Democratic senator, they need to know where that senator stands on the filibuster:

Got that, Senate Dems?

Manchin must be quaking in his boots right now.

Well, every Senate Dem except for Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, anyway.

Just imagine how unhappy they’d be if their efforts were successful.

Obviously we’re not in favor of nuking the filibuster, but we also can’t help but love the idea of NARAL and their ilk being forced to take their medicine.

These people never do learn their lesson, do they?

And there’s something else they don’t seem to realize:

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