Adam Kinzinger wasn’t always so irritating and self-righteous, was he?

Before Donald Trump came along, we feel like he was pretty normal. Just kinda kept his head down and did his thing.

And then he realized that he could get a lot of liberal lovin’ by joining the Resistance and, well, the rest is history. Now we’re stuck with this version of Adam Kinzinger, who, despite retiring from Congress, apparently is determined to remain in the spotlight:

Seems to us like some steaming-hot garbage. Kinzinger’s idea certainly does incentivize us to find him even more loathsome.

Proposing punishments for those who are not vaccinated against COVID is already a bad idea, but it’s especially pernicious when it’s coming from a purported Principled Conservative™ like Kinzinger.

Pro tip: When you find yourself veering into Joy Reid territory, some introspection is probably in order.