Los Angeles is certainly not without its glitz and glamour.

But spend a little more time looking, and you’ll quickly find that homelessness is a very serious problem there. Given how serious a problem it is, it makes sense for the local government to fund programs to alleviate it.

But in reality, the way it’s going, homelessness is only going to get worse:

Unwilling? At the very least, taxpayers should be entitled to know how their money is being used. Lord knows that L.A. takes in plenty of taxpayer money.

Or it should be unbelievable … unfortunately, given what we know about how governments tend to operate, we can totally believe it.

Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner. That’s exactly it. It appears that to the LAHSA, taxpayers’ money is there to line their pockets and little else. And this is really how most government works. Problems don’t get solved so much as created in order to justify throwing more money at the problems, which in turn justifies demanding more money from taxpayers.

Nice little scheme they’ve got there.

And ultimately, it’s not just taxpayers getting screwed over. It’s the homeless population, too.