President Joe Biden has officially weighed in following Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s death blow to Team Nuke-the-Filibuster:

Jim Crow and voter suppression. Ah, yes. Been reading Jennifer Rubin, have you, Joe?

For how long do Democrats and the Left think they can just falsely and baselessly accuse their political opponents of racism just because they don’t get their way? We know it’s been libs’ M.O. for a while now, but there’s such a thing as the Law of Diminishing Returns. This stuff doesn’t work, and the louder they screech, the more we want to tune them out.

Of course we can’t tune them out completely … we’ve got to listen enough to be able to call them out when they deserve to be called out. Like, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t call Joe out for this:

Uh-oh …

What other conclusion can we possibly draw from his remarks?

The adults are back in charge, baby!

Exit idea:

Now there’s a thought!