Late last week, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor revealed herself to be a dishonest broker of COVID-related information.

That’s a bad look for Justice Sotomayor, to be sure. But maybe HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra figured that she’d seem relatively reasonable if he said something that’s  quite obviously ridiculous.

Like, say, that if SCOTUS doesn’t uphold the Biden administration’s OSHA vaccine-or-test mandate, they’ll basically have blood on their hands:

OK, pal.

Oh, snap! We see what you did there, Matt.

Watch him try to have it both ways. Watch the entire Biden administration try.

Once they get going, they just can’t stop themselves.

It’s not a sane argument.

Shhh. Becerra and the rest of Joe Biden’s goons don’t want to bring the Constitution into this, because they know that the Constitution will get in their way.

Data, science, and logically presented empirical information just don’t have the same oomph as unhinged finger-pointing.

Remy taught us that.

Still holds up.