Last week, Bill Kristol joined his Bulwark bro Charlie Sykes in lamenting the “political exhaustion” that comes with being “trapped in a doom loop of bullsh*t with trolls” and grifters.

Meanwhile, every time Bill Kristol tweets, we feel like we’re the ones stuck in the doom loop of bullsh*t.

That also goes for the things he retweets, like this:

How embarrassing.

Seriously, Bill thinks that’s a good tweet.

Of course he did. Because he has no shame. Just an unrelenting desire to remind everyone how (self-)righteous he is.

That could, in fact, be pretty awkward.

A few, yes.

It’s true.

It was always there. Kristol just needed the right person to nudge it out of him. Turns out that person was Donald Trump.

Choosing poorly is kinda Bill’s thing.

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