Last week, CNN couldn’t wait to tease their upcoming Insurrection Day programming.

And so far, they’ve really delivered. It’s been wall-to-wall coverage of Republicans’ barely thwarted attempt to stage a coup and end democracy as we know it.

It’s important to understand why CNN is making such a big deal out of this. It’s not because they thought our democracy was in danger. It’s not because they thought that rioters would reinstall Donald Trump as president-dictator. It’s not because CNN actually cares about the integrity of our republic.

It’s all about those sweet, sweet ratings numbers, baby:

CNN saw how January 6, 2022, paid off for them. It’s only natural that they try to recapture that magic on January 6, 2022.

It really is like a holiday to CNN.

Donald Trump left the White House almost a year ago, but he was the best thing that ever happened to CNN. They’ll be damned before ever quit him.

They need him too much.