Yesterday, Rick Wilson suggested that former First Lady Melania Trump was just “a few months from an OnlyFans.”

He was just being his usual hilarious self. But he still knows how to be serious, too.

And what could possibly be more serious than a new video from the Lincoln Project?

Only part 1 of our future history? Well, we suppose it’ll have to do for now.

Brace yourselves — we’re in for it:

Once again, for the people in the back: we’re not defending the January 6 riots. They were inexcusable, full stop.

But it’s been nothing short of fascinating to see liberal dipsticks like the Lincoln Project denounce the riots while simultaneously trying to milk them for every last drop — and dime — they can squeeze out.

And, if we may add, “part 1” doesn’t really have the chilling effect they were likely going for. Hopefully part 2 will be a little more interesting, because we’ve been watching part 1 for the past year, and it’s lost its edginess, quite frankly.

“Only for the grift.” What a coincidence! That’s the Lincoln Project’s motto! Not their public one, but it’s definitely the one they live by.

“Talents.” El oh el. Rick Wilson’s only talent over the past decade or so has been losing (but fleecing people while doing it). Rick Wilson and the Lincoln Project’s pressing matters consist of lining their own pockets with gullible people’s money.

If we were the Lincoln Project, we’d be way more worried about that.