Yesterday, the cast of Fox News’ “The Five” did their show remotely. Naturally, Media Matters rapid response deputy director Andrew Lawrence was watching:

Wow. In yo’ face, “The Five”! Andrew Lawrence sure owned you guys!

And, as usual, someone from Media Matters is taking a swipe at Fox News and deliberately leaving out some important information. Fortunately, National Review editor Rich Lowry is there to fill in the gaps:

Compulsory remote schooling has in fact had devastating effects on children, effects that will likely have a negative long-term impact on those children’s physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. That’s not a political talking point; it’s a demonstrable fact. Fox News and “The Five” can make health decisions on their own behalf. But children don’t have that luxury. Bureaucrats subverting the wishes of parents have put themselves in charge of other people’s children, and Lowry and “The Five” are absolutely right to call them out for it.