December 26 is a very, very special day in the history of communism in China. Because December 26 is the birthday of one of history’s greatest monsters, one of the most successful mass murderers to have ever lived.

And China’s national English-language newspaper, the Global Times, is throwing a party for him, and everyone’s invited (except of course for all the people who have been imprisoned and starved and killed as a direct result of Mao’s disdain for human rights being adopted as policy by the Chinese government):

The music really is a nice touch, isn’t it?

These clowns are thirsty for a permanent ratio. They live in the Land of Ratios.

Communism is famously anti-religion, but the Chinese Communist Party has effectively canonized Mao Zedong. It’s like some demented perversion of religion.

The only place Mao Zedong led the Chinese people was to their deaths. China was once revered as some of the best that civilization had to offer the world, and now it runs on slave labor and the constant threat of punishment against its citizens.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this is that there are still millions of people out there in the world who look at Mao Zedong and see a leader, someone to be revered and inspired by and to emulate. These are the same people who admire the horrible things that Karl Marx and Che Guevara stood for, the same people who paint Josef Stalin as a hero as opposed to homicidal despot.

Because communism sounds so warm and fuzzy — everyone shares and everyone is equal! — it’s easy for the ignorance-prone to just pretend that the torchbearers of communism have blood on their hands.

That is Mao Zedong’s legacy. Fear. Starvation. Death. Who knows what China might have achieved had he never come along? Maybe the Global Times has some ideas, and that’s why they’re trying so hard to sell Mao as the Chinese people’s savior rather than the architect of their continue oppression. The Global Times is living by the communist credo “it’s not a lie if you believe it.”

He called it, all right. Since its inception, communism has depended on gaslighting, and it could not continue to exist without it.

And it can only be defeated when the people refuse to be gaslit any longer.

Twitter making a show of clamping down on misinformation while enabling blatant propaganda from the Chinese government only makes the goal of defeating communism that much more difficult to achieve.

But it’s more important now than ever to keep trying.

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