Joe Biden may be taking the country to hell in a handbasket, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t still get to appreciate a little Christmas cheer!

Joe and Jill Biden recently hosted a holiday music extravaganza at the White House. The special premiered on PBS on December 21 and featured some top-tier performances from artists such as Andrea Bocelli and Billy Porter.

But celebrities weren’t the real stars of this thing. No, that honor went to the Northwell Health Nurse Choir.

Check out this snappy little number:

Isn’t that special?

We’re all supposed to be terrified of omicron. Bracing for a winter of severe illness and death. But things clearly aren’t that bad if hospitals can spare nurses to perform and Joe and Jill Biden’s Christmas party. Maybe the winter of severe illness and death didn’t start taking effect until after the star-studded spectacular.

Anyway, if you don’t get sick and/or die from omicron, there’s a better than decent chance that you’ll die of secondhand embarrassment and firsthand cringe.

It’s the perfect illustration of where the Biden administration’s priorities are at right now.

It’s also a great video to play on Festivus. We’ve got a lotta problems with these people, and now, they’re gonna hear about ’em.

We’re physically uncomfortable watching that. And yet … we cannot quite bring ourselves to look away. It’s morbidly mesmerizing.

Don’t you dare make us picture Joe Biden getting a sponge bath, Siraj. The lip-synching nurses are disturbing enough.


And speaking of disturbing lip-synching, why aren’t all the nurses fully masked?

Heh. Maybe the White House makes exceptions for singing nurses. They make exceptions for special people all the time.

Oh well. If nothing else, at least this was a very valuable use of the nurses’ time.

Dancing *and* lip-synching.

It’s difficult to reconcile a lot of the White House’s messages with their actions.

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