Let’s talk about Elon Musk for a minute. Or, rather, let’s talk about Robert Reich talking about Elon Musk.

Musk currently holds the title of wealthiest man on the planet, and that makes him Public Enemy Number One in Robert Reich’s eyes. We have no doubt that Musk couldn’t possibly care less about what Robert Reich thinks, but maybe if Reich shouts even louder, Musk will listen.

We kid, of course.

How does it feel to be completely full of it? How does it feel to know that your entire reason for existence boils down to being envious that there are people out there who have more money than you do?

Because that’s basically Reich’s problem. Dude may not be Elon Musk, but he still has a lot more money than most Americans do. He makes more money for giving one angry little speech than a lot of people make in an entire year.

But as long as someone out there continues to have more money than he does, he’ll continue to inveigh against wealth. Even if it means he has to keep lying to people.

The guy was U.S. Secretary of Labor for a while. Terrifying, isn’t it?

We suppose that it’s technically possible that Reich doesn’t understand that stuff. But a far more likely explanation is that he understands it perfectly well and is relying on the gullibility of strangers who, like him, believe they’re entitled to something they haven’t earned.

We’re going to have to go with “purposely misleading.”

Robert’s hoping his followers don’t know a lot of things. Like basic economic principles. Like that he has more wealth than many people will see in a lifetime.

Because Robert Reich is not an honest or good person.

You’d think that by now, people would’ve gotten sick and tired of being lied to and having their ignorance and insecurity preyed upon. But it seems that Reich has calculated correctly that he will always have an audience for his toxic politics of envy.

It will never be enough for Robert Reich, either.

We wish he would. As a good little socialist, Reich certainly has plenty of options when it comes to paradises to flee to. He has no obligation to stay in the United States. Let him try his luck in Venezuela or something. We’ll even help him pack!