Last week, the Libs of TikTok Twitter account posted an infuriating thread featuring California public school parents outraged that activist teachers had secretly identified their children as trans. These teachers compelled the students to join LGBT clubs and had the students’ name changed, all behind the parents’ backs.

The full Libs of TikTok thread is still worth reading. And it includes this note about Abigail Shrier, who has been targeted by the cancel mob for maintaining that biological sex is not something one can just change. Shrier has written extensively on the subject of trans children, and it was thanks in no small part to her investigations that the parents became aware of what the California Teachers Association was doing.

If you’re concerned that this sort of malpractice isn’t limited to California’s public school system, you’re right to be.

Today, Shrier shared a disturbing tweet from Dr. Maggi Price, an assistant professor at the Boston College School of Social Work (BCSSW) and the director of BCSSW’s Affirm Lab:

We wish this were a joke. But it’s not:

Forgive us if we’re having a difficult time believing that Dr. Price’s and the Affirm Lab’s intentions are pure. The activist teachers in California called what they were doing “gender affirmation,” too. They said they were just improving high school for trans youth, too.

Parents concerned about their children’s welfare have no reason to trust someone like Dr. Price. And it’s more important now than ever that parents stay very involved in their kids’ educations.



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