Well, the end-of-year numbers are in, and it looks like CNN left MSNBC in the dust:

CNN hall monitor Brian Stelter is pretty darn stoked:

Big congrats to Brian Stelter and the entire CNN team. We’re just so thrilled for them.

But we can’t help but notice that Brian’s tweet is missing something … what could it be?

Oh, right:

Turns out that if you want to find any mention of Fox News, you’ll have to pick through the very long press release with a fine-toothed comb. But it’s in there!

2021TD, CNN’s TV audience is four years younger than Fox and MSNBC in Total Day; four years younger than Fox and five years younger than MSNBC in Mon-Sun Prime; as well as five years younger than Fox and six years younger than MSNBC in Mon-Fri Prime. Fox and MSNBC are all pacing at their oldest yearly median age on record in Total Day.

That’s literally the only time Fox News is mentioned in the entire press release. And Brian Stelter isn’t shouting about it from the rooftops, sticking into Fox News for having a slightly older average viewer than CNN.

Isn’t that fascinating?

We’d love to see those numbers, Brian!

He’s so transparent. It’s simultaneously pathetic and hilarious.

And we’re going to milk it for everything it’s worth.