Back in October, Conserver of Conservatism Bill Kristol did his damnedest to make a terrible jobs report look like a gift from God.

One of our editors wisely suggested that Kristol was itching like crazy for a retweet from President White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain:

Well, all that hard work paid off today. National Review editor Rich Lowry tweeted out a fact last night that’s pretty difficult to dispute:

Go on, show us the lie.

There is no lie, of course. Lowry is absolutely right. Joe Biden politicized COVID from the outset, despite the fact that COVID doesn’t care who you voted for.

But libs really need you to believe otherwise. And that’s where Bill Kristol comes in:

How does vaccination data disprove anything Lowry said? It doesn’t. It’s actually a total non sequitur.

And Ron Klain gives it his stamp of approval:

So nice of Ron Klain to use his considerable platform to spread Bill Kristol’s liberal idiocy even further.

What would Bill Kristol or Ron Klain know about basic competence? They’re pimping Joe Biden, after all.

And using willful dishonesty to do it.

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