This time last year, we were still marveling over the incredible and awe-inspiring rapidity with which COVID19 vaccines were developed and made available. It was a big deal, because vaccines held the promise of a return to some semblance of normalcy.

Well, Democrats haven’t been as excited about that part as one might’ve hoped. The prospect of having to relinquish control and give people their lives back is terrifying to our government overlords. Fortunately, the government can still count on some people totally buying into their doom-and-gloom campaign.

People like country singer and LGBT activist Chely Wright:

It’s worth noting that Wright suffered a stroke a few years back, and it’s entirely possible that she has lingering health issues that could put her at higher risk if she were to contract COVID. The thing is that because she’s been “vaccinated to the hilt,” she’s in a very good position to make it through a case of COVID relatively OK. If anyone’s anti-vaxx here, it’s Wright.

And not only is Wright anti-vaxx, but she’s woefully out of touch. If she thinks her tweet makes her look like she’s showing solidarity with so many other Americans, she’s wrong.

We’re sure she will.

Not everyone has the luxury of just shutting down their families’ lives.

Omicron is spreading. That’s just what happens with some highly contagious viruses. Locking your family inside indefinitely isn’t going to stop it.

What can help to get everyone through this is doing things like getting vaccinated if you can and understanding that omicron is not a death sentence — and that no matter how badly you want them to, people are not going to stay away from each other forever.

Wright’s hysteria is exactly the sort of hysteria she thinks she’s standing against.

Chely Wright thinks she’s some kind of heroine. She’s not stunning and brave for barricading herself and her family inside forever.

It only makes sense to those whose brains have been broken.

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