In case you missed it — and there’s no way you did — Twitter libs are big mad at Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin for pounding that big nail in Build Back Better’s coffin.

Former Media Matters editor-at-large Parker Molloy — who’s well known around these parts for being a thoroughly nasty piece of work who regularly dishes out vileness and then cries victim when she gets called out for it — is also big mad. So mad, in fact, that she decided that this was an appropriate occasion to bust out one of her prized pieces of artwork:

We grabbed a screenshot just in case Parker deletes it, because she frequently does that when she gets busted for being terrible.

Guess it’s cool to depict a liberal politician killing another insufficiently liberal politician because it’s funny when libs joke about stuff like that.

It’s a joke when libs do it, OK?

Uh-oh, Parker.

So, will countless media outlets hyperventilate over Parker Molloy’s gif? Will there be calls for her to be blackballed from all current and future employment? Will Twitter suspend her account?

Or will she maybe-maybe-not delete this, knowing full well that there ultimately won’t be any real consequences for her behavior because her violent imagery is the right (read: Left) kind?

We don’t ask for much … but one set of standards for everyone would really be refreshing.

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