Democratic Joe Manchin isn’t especially conservative, but he does seem have a decent good idea about how his constituents feel about certain things.

Like Build Back Better, for example. Manchin, likely anticipating some very pissed-off West Virginians, isn’t all aboard the BBB train like so many of his fellow Democrats are.

And because of one man, Joe Manchin, Joe Biden’s entire agenda may be getting scrapped.

Via ABC News, the AP reports (if you can call this “reporting”):

How can this be allowed to happen in a democracy? How can the fate of all Americans be decided by just one single man?

And, even more importantly, how can a media outlet consider themselves to be a serious journalistic endeavor when this is the sort of crap they put out for the public?

Democratic policies = good. Republican policies = bad. It’s simple, really.

Dems are expected to rubber-stamp the Democratic president’s agenda. It’s different when the president is a Republican:


They’re furious.

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