The Washington Post is hiring!

Apply today for your shot at being their next national political reporter to cover the Right:

WaPo needs a competent, hardworking journalist to stay on top of the MAGA/ReTHUGlican/white supremacy beat because their other reporters are way too busy … already doing that stuff.

We’re not really sure.

Spoiler: “More of the same” is what they’re going for.

Pretty much every prominent journalist or columnist at the Washington Post is devoted almost exclusively to writing about conservatives and Republicans and writing about how awful conservatives and Republicans are.

This job posting seems pretty redundant, WaPo.

You’ve gotta laugh. It’s so ridiculous. It’s cute that they’re treating it like a serious job posting.


It’d probably be easier to just clone Jennifer Rubin a whole bunch of times.

Their ideal applicants will also lack self-awareness. Or awareness in general, really.

*Chef’s kiss*