Do you have a chair handy? Is your shocked face nearby?

Because you’re going to need both of those things in order to process this news.

See, it seems that there may be something to that wild-n-crazy lab-leak theory:

Aren’t you glad we warned you about needing a chair? Someone could probably knock you over with a feather right now.

Remember when all those lefty armchair Science™ experts practically called for GOP Sen. Tom Cotton’s head on a platter for even suggesting that the pandemic could’ve started in a lab.

At what point can egomaniacal clowns like Dr. Anthony Fauci stop pretending and just admit that there’s some pretty compelling evidence to support the lab-leak theory and that the people citing that evidence may not be conspiracy theorists after all?

We remember. At what point is it safe for our government to admit that the Chinese government hasn’t been honest with the world?

Seems like a conversation we should be having right about now.