Soon-to-be-former GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger doesn’t have a whole lot of support from Republicans who are currently alive, but he’s quite confident that if he were to dig up some famous dead ones, they’d agree with him that liberal policies are the solution to our problems:

We’re going to take a moment to note that the GOP isn’t inherently anti-vaccine, and that Kinzinger is vile for suggesting that it is.

And now that we’ve done that, we can focus on the heart of his argument: that if Zombie Ronald Reagan and Zombie Abraham Lincoln could pick a side, they’d pick Adam Kinzinger’s.


Let them Rest in Peace FFS, Adam.

And she’d totally tell Adam Kinzinger to get over himself.

Keep them to yourself, Adam. We’re begging you.

And if Reagan and Lincoln were alive today, they’d agree with us.

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