Former Hillary Clinton campaign adviser Richard Goodstein was a guest on Fox News today, and he probably thought he was pretty clever suggesting that Fox News is more upset about their Christmas tree being set on fire than they are about how anti-vaxxers have contributed to all the COVID19 deaths in this country.

Spoiler alert: he wasn’t clever. He was just being an ass.

And Fox News’Harris Faulkner wasn’t having any of it:

Good for her. Because she’s right.

The Left has been accusing Fox News for some time of advocating against the COVID19 vaccine, despite the fact that many of the network’s most popular personalities have been vaccinated and urged viewers to get vaccinated. Occasionally some programs, such as Tucker Carlson’s, have indulged vaccine-skeptical points of view, but that’s not akin to allowing themselves to be overrun by anti-vaxxers. And before the 2020 election, there was no shortage of liberal media personalities urging skepticism of any vaccine developed during the Trump administration. Maybe save some of your self-righteous indignation for them, Richard, hmmm?