It was his integrity and his disgust with Donald Trump’s corruption that led Bill Kristol to break away from the GOP and found The Bulwark for other Principled Conservatives like him.

Donald Trump is as dirty as they come, and Bill Kristol would never want to be in any way associated with someone like that. And Bill really, really needs you to know.

That’s why in addition to launching The Bulwark, Bill also founded Defending Democracy Together, which was responsible for quality True Conservative™ Resistance content like this:

But True Conservative™ Principles don’t come cheap, so Bill’s had some financial help:

Nice work if you can get it.

It’s only shocking if you haven’t been following Bill Kristol’s career and political trajectory over the past several years.

We’re sure it’s someplace safe and that it’ll be put to good use.

Don’t worry; he was plenty generous with it:

It pays to #NeverTrump. Literally.

Not too shabs, Bill! Fourth place is nothing to sneeze at.

Pretty impressive numbers. Kudos to Bill Kristol and Co. for nailing their outreach to so many gullible people.

You’ve definitely gotta hand it to ’em.