Despite the fact that Rebekah Jones has been exposed — repeatedly — as a liar and a grifter and a fraud and possibly a sociopath, some people out there who are still convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ron DeSantis and his administration fudged Florida’s COVID19 numbers.

They haven’t nailed DeSantis yet, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Joy Reid, who just so happens to be exactly the sort of conspiracy theorist who instantly latched onto Rebekah Jones despite all the red flags, thinks there’s a chance that someone, somewhere, someday will find proof that Ron DeSantis lied:

Someone help her out.

Who needs “an historian”? Joy already knows the right people for the job:

Time-traveling hackers are totally a thing, and Joy has a lot of experience with them. We’re sure she still has their contact info, even after all these years.

Or maybe her tinfoil hat’s just on way too tight.

So … she’s just blathering. Staying on-brand.

You know what? Just to be safe, better report Joy Reid for misinformation. She’s just one big ball of misinformation.