Good news, everyone! If you don’t want to be unfulfilled this Christmas, there are just a few simple steps you’ll need to take, according to U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy:

A lot of people have been vaccinated, and for a while, we were told that that was all we needed to do to have a fun time with our families. We waited for the vaccine, and we got it.

But then they said we’d need a booster. Maybe multiple boosters for the rest of our lives. And that we’d need to keep wearing masks indoors if there were other people around. Until literally everyone is vaccinated, and probably even after that.

That’s when we started to think that maybe, just maybe, these Authorities of Science™ don’t really care about science.

Do the people making all the rules ever stop and listen to themselves? We sincerely hope so, because we don’t feel like listening to them anymore.