Vice President Kamala Harris posted an inspirational message today to commemorate Hanukkah, one of her family’s favorite holidays:

How nice.

Her husband, Doug Emhoff, is Jewish, so it makes sense that her holiday celebrations would include Hanukkah in the mix.

What makes a little less sense, though, is that Kamala is so forcefully embracing Hanukkah as a cherished family holiday for her.

Here’s 2019:

Doesn’t seem like it was all that personal to her before the 2020 election.

It does not.

These’ll have to do for now:

But after Election Day 2020, Hanukkah became a little more special to her:

In fairness, her first-night-of-Hanukkah message this year didn’t seem too personal, either:

It was probably just habit. All those years of “to all those who celebrate” are gonna be tough to unlearn. Good thing she caught herself and did better today!

With any luck, enough people will forget that she’s chronically and completely inauthentic.

Some of her best friends are Kwanzaan.

Maybe she has a third cousin who’s a Zoroastrian. You don’t know!

Neither can Kamala Harris.