Clearly Jill Biden is not a real doctor. If she were, she’d never allow her husband anywhere near a microphone, at least not a microphone that hasn’t been switched off first.

Because when you put Joe Biden in front of a working microphone, this is what happens:


Sincerely mean what, Joe? You sincerely mean to ask who the president is?

He was just joking. He was just joking. He was just joking.

Maybe if we say it enough times, we’ll start to believe that he’s not losing it.

To be fair, there is a nonzero chance that Joe Biden was, in fact, joking, and that this was a joke to make St. Anthony Fauci look even more saintly.

Which would also be pretty disturbing in its own right.

Uh … you’re welcome? Honestly it’s not so much patience as morbid curiosity that keeps us listening to you, Joe.