Yesterday, Jen Psaki found herself in the uncomfortable position of having to explain why Joe Biden’s travel ban is not xenophobic but Donald Trump’s was:

Not convinced by Psaki’s terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad answer? Join the club.

Fortunately for Psaki and the Biden administration, they’ve got the media on their side. Check out CNN, for example. They’ve effectively found a way to make the same point as Psaki, only they’re able to couch it in Real News, Mr. President:

Like clockwork.

Yes, thank you. We noticed that as well.

So why doesn’t Biden’s travel ban merit an outraged opinion piece? Surely CNN could find someone out there righteously indignant enough to write an opinion piece about such a brazen act of xenophobia and cruelty.

Unless, of course, CNN didn’t bother looking for one this time around.

And on and on and on.