As we told you, Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell made a colossal ass of himself with a thread shaming parents and vaccine skeptics for effectively gambling with his kids’ lives.

Here’s how Twitter’s been covering it:

Seems like a pretty innocuous way to frame a decidedly non-innocuous Twitter thread, but whatever.

If that’s how they smooth over Swalwell’s stupidity, you can imagine how they’ve been dealing with new CEO Parag Agrawal and the hubbub over some of his past tweets and remarks. While some of the reaction may be overblown, this seems like a pretty shady way to address it:

“Journalists report.”

C’mon, Twitter.


It really does come off like propaganda. It’s one thing for Twitter to go to bat for their CEO, but it’s another thing to completely gloss over people’s legitimate questions about what his leadership will entail.

Because Twitter’s neat little summary conveniently omits these comments from Agrawal, which people actually have good reason to be concerned about:

Just how committed is Twitter to transparency, really?

Must be sweet.



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