You might want to sit down for this one …

See, it seems that all the emphasis on COVID19 patients has had some pretty significant negative effects on people who are sick with ailments other than COVID19:

The UK’s NHS was already a mess before the pandemic. But evidently they were capable of getting worse. Who knew?

Some of the responses to Mark Dolan’s tweet suggest that the vaccine itself is the cause of the increase in deaths. While side effects do occur, we’re not willing to draw a direct connection between vaccinations and deaths.

But it’s possible that the vaccine did play a role, albeit an indirect one:

What about doctors or nurses forbidden from doing their jobs if they don’t get the vaccine? With draconian vaccine mandates, fewer people seeking and receiving treatment is a logical result.

Consider all the people in the United States who had “non-essential” surgeries and care postponed because COVID19 took precedence. “Non-essential” doesn’t just refer to nose jobs and tummy tucks. People literally died because they were told that their medical needs were non-essential, or they were straight-up terrified to go to a doctor or hospital for fear of contracting COVID19 and dying an agonizing death.

Imagine how those circumstances would have played out in the UK, and you get a situation like this.