Financial Times associate editor Edward Luce recently put together a Twitter thread discussing the Kyle Rittenhouse case and its implications with regard to guns in America:

Edward’s just trying to be a friend, guys.

And Slate national correspondent Will Saletan, for one, really appreciates it:

Hats off to Will Saletan for having parlayed hot takes like that into a successful career. Not just anyone can do that. It takes a special kind of talent.

Pivot like the wind.

Look at Will … he thinks he just dropped the mic.

Bless his heart:

Will seriously didn’t even realize what he just said. It … it all happened so fast!

Why can’t Saletan et al. just ignore their awful partisan instinct for once and admit that Kyle Rittenhouse wasn’t the bad guy here? Is it really so difficult to conceive of a situation in which a young armed man might need a gun to defend himself from lawless, violent rioters?

Will seems to have conveniently omitted discussing an important piece of information about the Rittenhouse case:

Can’t just wave that detail away, Will. Sorry.

And we’d at least be able to muster a shred of respect for his honesty.


We’re not entirely sure what that means, but we can’t help but agree.