Jen Psaki has a pretty sweet gig. She literally gets paid to suck at her job.

We told you how she refused to tell Fox News’ Steve Doocy if President Joe Biden has any plans to apologize to Kyle Rittenhouse for baselessly and maliciously smearing him as a white supremacist, but she still managed to bring Donald Trump into the equation.

And we won’t pretend that the following remarks are worse than that, but what she had to say with regards to the Biden economy is still incredibly galling:

How does this work, exactly? Joe Biden promised on the campaign trail that he was going to shut down the virus, not the economy. So was he lying then? Or is Jen lying now when she blames the pandemic for our lousy economy?

Narrator: Joe Biden and Jen Psaki are both pathological liars.

(Unless “dodge responsibility” was the Plan, there was no Plan.)

Please. We’d be dead long before sunrise.

At some point, it’s time to step up and accept the blame for what’s happening under your leadership, you know?

Can’t they come up with a more creative excuse by now? The economy has been tanking for months. You’d think all that time might’ve afforded them some brainstorming opportunities.