Now that Kyle Rittenhouse has been acquitted, it’s time for a media reckoning of sorts.

Of course, if you’re holding your breath for an actual media reckoning, you’re well past looking like Violet Beauregarde.

That’s because the same media will die before ever holding themselves accountable for pushing a false narrative. Even if they are willing to eventually own up to a narrative being false, what they won’t do is admit to their own role in perpetuating it.

So congratulations to CNN’s Brian Stelter — Mr. Reliable Sources himself — for even entertaining the notion that the media royally effed up the Kyle Rittenhouse narrative, thus allowing him to pretend that he and his network were ever above it all:

Good on French for at least pointing out on CNN that outlets like CNN allowed themselves to be swept up in their own preferred narrative whether than in the facts. While we’re not exactly fans of much of French’s offerings over the past few years, it is nice to hear him hold a mirror up to the media, even if his wrists are pathetically limp.

What’s far less impressive is that all of that seems genuinely lost on Brian Stelter, who doesn’t appear to be capable of putting two and two together. The media have been dropping their balls for years now. It’s coming from inside the house, Brian.

Well, one thing’s for sure: when it comes to cleaning up their messes, outlets like CNN have their work cut out for them.

We would be, too, if we were them.

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