Twitter’s ablaze with hot takes following the not-guilty Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, and we can expect it to continue to smolder in the days and weeks to come. That means we’re going to see a crap-ton of lefty rage. And it’s all but impossible to keep track of all of it.

But when we see something particular terrible, we feel it’s our responsibility to bring it to your attention. So that’s what we’re doing with this tweet from Pulitzer Prize-winning “1619 Project” architect Nikole Hannah-Jones:


Yeah, see, the “legacy of 1619” is historical revisionism and willful dishonesty. And no matter how hard the prosecution — and the Left at large — tried, there was no erasing the truth about Kyle Rittenhouse.

Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted because the prosecution failed to meet the burden of proof that he was guilty. Justice was done today. As even President Joe Biden acknowledged, the system worked.

Now, if Nikole Hannah-Jones can’t handle that, there are plenty of other countries that prefer the guilty-until-proven-innocent legal system. Seems like she’d be a lot more comfortable than she is here. We’ll even help her pack.

This is what happens when you’re so committed to the narrative that you’re willing to go down in flames right along with it.

Yeah, last time we checked, screaming “SHOOT ME, N*GGA” wasn’t the best way to show solidarity with black lives.

A parting piece of advice for Nikole Hannah-Jones, if we may:

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