The fine folks at the Bulwark recently posted a review of Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff’s new book about very nearly losing our democracy to Donald Trump and the GOP, and — surprise! — they’re fans:

In his review, Niskanen Center senior fellow Gabriel Schoenfeld also took aim at Eli Lake and Jonah Goldberg:

The abuse hurled at Schiff by Eli Lake and Jonah Goldberg—in unseemly synchrony with Donald Trump—rests in part on the proposition that there was no “collusion” between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia despite Schiff’s repeated claims to the contrary. This is rubbish.

It must also be acknowledged that Schiff has made mistakes in the course of his investigations. As Eli Lake pointed out in a February 2020 article in Commentary, Schiff repeated elements of the now-discredited “Steele dossier” in a congressional hearing, leveling charges against the Trump aide Carter Page that did not pan out and for which Schiff never apologized. Schiff and his staff defended the continued issuance of FISA warrants against Page, warrants known now to be defective for relying on the Steele dossier, when there was reason for skepticism.

The damage to Page should not be understated. But these are minor transgressions when measured against the entirety of Schiff’s record. It is both perverse and a calumny—a case of anti-anti-Trump derangement syndrome perhaps?—to chime in with the scurrilous Donald Trump and call Schiff a “liar,” as does the title of Eli Lake’s most recent Commentary piece, or “dishonorable and dishonest,” as does Jonah Goldberg. Indeed, Adam Schiff is one of the few genuine heroes of the Trump era. Throughout the past five years, in the face of unremitting abuse and even death threats, he has worked with cool and measured eloquence to expose Trump’s demagoguery and criminal conduct, seeking to protect the nation from further depredations by the most dangerous and depraved president in our history.

That’s actually how Schoenfeld’s piece concludes, smacking Lake and Goldberg around for daring to suggest that Adam Schiff is not a paragon of truth and honesty.

Agree or disagree with Goldberg when it comes to Donald Trump, but Goldberg is no Trump apologist. And when he calls out Adam Schiff, he calls out Adam Schiff of his own accord, not because he’s doing ReThUgTrUmPLiCaNs’ bidding.

Needless to say, Goldberg is pissed:

The Bulwark’s entire mentality is that they’re the administrators of the Conserving Conservatism Purity Test, and anyone who isn’t all the way up the Democratic Party’s butt is an unprincipled, Trump-loving, traitor to True Conservatism™.

Jonah Goldberg called Adam Schiff “dishonorable and dishonest hack” with a “gift for flinging hyperpartisan innuendo while seeming to be a studious and serious legislator” because Adam Schiff is that.

Maybe the Bulwark takes such offense to the “dishonorable and dishonest hack” insult because so many conservatives have directed similar insults at them.

Shorter Bulwark: “Yee-HAW!”

Not if you have any self-respect, anyway.

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