Last week, Grabien’s Tom Elliott put together a damning supercut featuring some of our most stunningly brave firefighters proclaiming Kyle Rittenhouse to be a racist white supremacist domestic terrorist:

Well, they’ve moved on from that.

Now they’re also impugning Judge Bruce Schroeder’s character and integrity:

We especially love that bit at the end where Don Lemon says that Judge Schroeder is right about the legal stuff but is still icky.

Come on, America.

We’ve actually got to give some credit to Chris Cuomo for at least attempting to kinda-sorta push back against the ridiculous contention that Judge Schroeder’s supply chain joke was a racist dig at Asians. But that’s really the only semi-positive thing we can say about any of the people featured in Elliott’s supercut.

That’s exactly what it is. They expected Kyle Rittenhouse to fry because the narrative they chose dictated that Kyle Rittenhouse would fry. But inconvenient facts have gotten in the way of their narrative, and because Judge Schroeder isn’t outright dismissing those inconvenient facts, the media are beside themselves.

Maybe Judge Schroeder should consider it, too.

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