As we told you earlier, in his closing arguments today, ADA Thomas Binger attempted to paint Joseph Rosenbaum as an innocent victim of trigger-happy domestic terrorist Kyle Rittenhouse’s shooting rampage in Kenosha.

According to Binger, Rittenhouse blew off multiple opportunities to help Rosenbaum when Rosenbaum was trying to get Rittenhouse’s rifle:

Rittenhouse could have protected Mr. Rosenbaum from what, exactly? Rosenbaum appears to have been the aggressor, and it’s not as if he wasn’t in the company of countless other rioters who likely would’ve relished any opportunity to get their hands on Rittenhouse. And why on earth would Rittenhouse drop the gun when he felt his life was being threatened? And surrendered to whom? The rioters? We definitely wouldn’t be having this conversation today because Rittenhouse likely wouldn’t be alive right now if he’d turned himself over to the rioters.

And dear Lord, what is this business about firing warning shots?

Where on earth did Thomas Binger get his law degree from? Hell, where did he get his bachelor’s degree from? How did he graduate from high school?

Time to give Binger the finger.



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