People are always coming up to Bill Kristol and asking him questions about Republicans and conservatives. You know, because Bill Kristol is such an expert on Republicans and conservatives.

Well, apparently these days a lot of people are asking Bill about the Virginia gubernatorial race between Terry McAuliffe and Glenn Youngkin.

Bill, why does a Principled Conservative™ like you support McAuliffe over Youngkin?

Who wants to enable authoritarianism, Bill? Glenn Youngkin, or the guy who wants the state education children with no input whatsoever from parents?

Sorry, Pagan Lady, but what Bill Kristol has to offer is not sanity and it sure as hell isn’t from the Right.

It most certainly ain’t.

Bill Kristol owes Donald Trump a big sloppy kiss for reviving his floundering career.

Instead of just straight-up admitting that he’s a liberal shill, Bill Kristol would rather pretend that Joe Biden isn’t doing far more damage in such a short span of time than Donald Trump did in four years (as if Donald Trump even has anything to do with the Virginia race at all!). He’d rather pretend that Terry McAuliffe is an upstanding guy who, unlike Glenn Youngkin, will fight for the will of Virginians.

Bill Kristol is not an honest man.

Well, that’s assuming anyone has actually asked him about this issue in the first place.

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