We weren’t aware that America was ever out of the climate fight, since we’ve been warned about the dangers of global cooling and global warming and stable temperatures for decades now.

But apparently, we’re back in it. At least according to TIME.

And cover boy John Kerry:

First of all, no disrespect, but if that cover photo is any indication, the battle for climate justice has taken quite a lot out of John Kerry.

But aside from that, there’s also the issue of TIME beclowning themselves yet again. To prop up John Kerry, of all people.

That’s likely what TIME is trying to do, yes, because making Donald Trump angry is always the goal. But is making Trump angry (assuming he even sees the cover) really worth it when you’re using John Effing Kerry to do it?

John Kerry is one of the most well known gas-guzzling limousine liberal hypocrites out there.

True story.


Maybe next week?

TIME, you’ve backed the wrong horse. Again.