As we told you, the White House is out with a brand-spanking-new piece of propaganda to illustrate how wonderful life is gonna be under Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.

“Life of Linda” pretty much covers most of the cradle-to-grave stuff, though the folks who put it together appear to have left some things out. No, we’re not referring to the father of Linda’s son Leo, who is quite literally out of the picture.

We’re talking about the not-so-great parts of life that Linda is in store for once Joe Biden has Built Back Better. Good thing Twitchy fixture @ComfortablySmug has filled in the gaps:

Hey, at least she’s managed to steal enough food, judging by that beer belly.

Linda’s crying, too. She cries a lot.

Hope the Biden administration is taking notes … lots of stuff to add to future “Life of Linda” editions.