As we told you earlier, Terry McAuliffe’s campaign has officially entered DEFCON 5 and is pulling out all the stops in a desperate last-ditch effort to eke out a win over Republican Glenn Youngkin.

The soon-to-be-infamous mailer is bad, of course. Here it is again:

But when Terry McAuliffe is involved, it can always get worse.

And it definitely gets worse:

More from the Daily Wire’s Luke Rosiak:

In one case the Hunton Andrews Kurth law firm, where McAuliffe served as a senior adviser from 2019 until recently, is battling a young woman who says that she was repeatedly raped on her Fairfax County middle school campus as a 12-year old and that she was slashed with a knife, burned with a lighter, anally penetrated, and gang raped.

The law firm and McAuliffe’s campaign did not comment on whether the law firm still employs McAuliffe, but McAuliffe reported income apparently linked to the firm in 2021, after announcing his run for governor of Virginia on December 8, 2020. Later advertisements from the firm for McAuliffe fundraisers refer to him as a “former colleague.”

The girl in the middle school case said she was afraid of having her real name attached because one of her alleged tormentors had threatened to kill her if she came forward. The law firm is seeking to have the lawsuit thrown out because it was filed under a pseudonym, even though there is no dispute that the school system knows who she is. A judge rejected Hunton’s argument, but it filed an appeal on behalf of its client, the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS).

In a separate case, a girl alleged that after FCPS administrators were told of an unwanted sexual incident on a band trip, a school security officer told her there was no point in seeking criminal charges, and the school gave an award to her alleged abuser. Hunton told the court that the school system lost documentation showing its investigation of the allegations – which occurred in part because it was not using a sexual harassment allegation database that it had promised to use pursuant to a federal settlement in the other girl’s case. In both cases, a women’s rights group filed “amicus” briefs to express opposition to Hunton’s arguments.

Rosiak’s coverage of the LCPS sexual assault coverups has been indispensable, and that’s certainly the case with this story as well. Rosiak’s reporting has had far-reaching consequences, and with any luck, this one will, too. Read the whole thing.

Virginia, don’t misread Terry McAuliffe.



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