Climate change may very well be happening, but it’s quite presumptuous of people to think that they ultimately have control over it.

And it’s definitely presumptuous of people to think that blocking traffic will do anything other than piss other people off and make themselves look stupid in the process.

Yet here we are:

This should definitely convince people to switch to the side of climate justice.

They don’t care about you, and they sure as hell don’t care about the climate:

The longer they block traffic, the more emissions get released into the atmosphere. The irony is very clearly lost on these protesters.

People will die if we don’t do something about climate change! So let’s block emergency vehicles and possibly kill people as a result!

It stops people from being sympathetic to climate activists’ cause, so there’s that.

They’d better be charged with something. Because however bad things already were, they’re making them infinitely worse.