Trans activists Netflix employees walked off their jobs yesterday and protested with other trans activists against Netflix’s decision to air Dave Chappelle’s “transphobic” comedy special, which incidentally made fun of a number of other minority groups.

And because they were woke and on the side of social justice, it was cool that they suggested that Chappelle is a slave who “sold himself” to “his [white] master” for a paycheck.

Fellow comic Wanda Sykes certainly didn’t seem to mind any of that:

Certainly a weird flex from Wanda. But we’re not sure if it’s as weird as this one from “Schitt’s Creek” co-creator and star Dan Levy:

As a member of the LGBTQ community himself, Levy understandably takes offense at transphobia (despite the fact that pointing out that there are biological differences between men and women, as Chappelle did, does not constitute transphobia).

But there’s are some additional wrinkles in Levy’s solidarity with anti-Netflix protesters. See, not only did “Schitt’s Creek’s” streaming deal with Netflix play a huge roll in the show’s impressive surge in popularity, but there’s also this:


From Variety last month:

One year after “Schitt’s Creek” had its historic sweep at the Emmys — becoming the first comedy to win every major award — its co-creator Dan Levy has signed a new deal with Netflix.

In the deal, which is said to be eight figures under competitive circumstances, Levy will work on both movies and television (the TV part will begin in July of next year, after Levy’s deal with ABC Signature ends). He’ll start work immediately on the film side, on an untitled romantic comedy that he’ll star in, write, produce and direct. Sister’s Stacey Snider and Kate Fenske will also produce with Levy. No further details about the project were announced.

Eight figures, eh? Talk about a paycheck!

We’re not sure, but eight figures is a lotta dollars.

So, what’s Dan plan to do with all this dirty, bloodstained, anti-trans blood money?

It’s the only good and decent thing for him to do now. The ultimate way to take a stand against transphobia!

(“Schitt’s Creek” is fantastic, by the way.)