After Bari Weiss ate Brian Stelter for breakfast on “Reliable Sources,” the Left really had their work cut out for them. They had to go after Weiss for daring to suggest that media liberals want to silence perspectives that call liberal dogma into question.

“Democratic digital organizer, strategist, & commentator” Kaivan Shroff was up to the task, and he offered up his best rebuttal to Weiss:

Not sure what’s so self-unaware about Weiss’s comment there. Maybe someone else can explain:

Did you actually listen to the interview, Andi? The full context of Bari Weiss’ remarks? Evidently you did not.

Nor did cofounder Brett Meiselas, who echoed Andi Zeisler’s attempt at an own:

As you can see, Meiselas’ tweet is quite popular, much moreso that Shroff’s or Zeisler’s:

Meiselas’ tweet is also even more intellectually dishonest than Shroff’s or Zeisler’s.

But what if you traffic in fake stuff, like Brett does?

Brett Meiselas is clearly not a big honesty guy.

But that’s OK. It’s worth lying about someone if it means you can score those sweet retweets and likes!

Man. There sure are a lot of people who are eager to criticize Bari Weiss without actually listening to her! Plenty more where the above came from.

And that’s why Brett Meiselas and his intellectually dishonest comrades keep lying. Because the boring old truth just doesn’t get the same kind of love and attention as a big, juicy lie.

The liberals and journalists crying foul over Bari Weiss are ultimately just envious. They know they’ll never have the chutzpah or integrity to tell the truth.



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