You know, we’re starting to the think that Joe Biden’s White House doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing.

Take how they’ve been handling the president’s Build Back Better Agenda. For weeks, they insisted to us that it wouldn’t cost Americans a dime to fund this monstrosity.

Zero dollars!

These days, it’s still “zero dollars,” but it’s not zero dollars like before:

See what they did there? It’s still fully paid for, but now they’re acknowledging that someone indeed has to pay for it. White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain reiterated that this morning:

Economic hardships are just “high class problems.” The Build Back Better Agenda will be funded by “high class” people.

Ron Klain knows damn well that the floundering economy isn’t just hurting the “high class,” and Biden’s agenda isn’t just going to fleece the “high class.”

Because Ron Klain and the Biden administration are lying to Americans.

They really do think we’re stupid.