Can you believe it, you guys? After all this time, Nikole Hannah-Jones is still having to defend herself and her “1619 Project”!

The central thesis that buttressed her entire masterpiece may have been wrong and stupid, but that’s no reason for people to criticize her.


We’re willing to believe that. It’s entirely possible that it took her several days to decide.

So weird.

Given the frequency with which Nikole Hannah-Jones has acted both ignorantly and maliciously, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if the “1619 Project” was born out of ignorance and malice.

She knows it, too.

Narrator: Nikole Hannah-Jones doesn’t care if her central claim was wrong. In fact, she never cared.

The work that made her famous is based on a lie. You’d better believe she’s going to get extremely defensive.


She lied to everyone about the American Revolution and she’s lying to everyone about the “1619 Project.”

Where are the Twitter Honesty Police when you need them?